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Woods Primary School, Magherafelt
Remember reusable bottles and no single use plastic in lunchboxes please! From ECO Team 2020 Let’s keep up the great work and reduce our use of single use plastic items.  If you can avoid disposable cutlery, polystyrene trays, tinfoil and plastic sandwich bags that would be brilliant for our planet. Thank you all for your support.
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Information and Communication Technology is an aid to pupils’ learning and is a powerful tool in the classroom. The modern technological world at home, at school and in the workplace has become increasingly reliant on computer experiences.  At Woods Primary School the pupils will have access to programs designed to enrich their learning experiences and opportunities.

Pupils gain manipulative skills and logical thought processes as well as learning from the factual content of computer programs. The range of programs available is constantly being up-dated in an effort to ensure that all aspects of the curriculum are covered.

Each classroom has a number of computers which are linked to the internet and which our pupils can access at any time in order to research information, develop word processing skills and carry out projects.  We also have a set of laptops and iPads for classes to borrow for whole class ICT sessions once a week.

Interactive whiteboards and iPads are in use throughout the school and these have proven to be a great enhancement to the quality of learning and teaching provided.

Our pupils also have access to a variety of other technological aids to assist them in their learning; these include digital cameras, beebots, pro bots, spheros, mini drones, camcorders and scanners.

As technology grows at a very fast rate, the school is constantly changing its provision to suit growing demands.