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Woods Primary School, Magherafelt
3 for 2 at the Book Fair! The book fair is back in school this week. It opens on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 2pm and 3pm. It will also be open on Monday 21 May and Tuesday 22 May 2018 at 2pm & 3Pm. School will benefit from 60% commission from book sales.  We plan to purchase more Accelerated reading books to update our library. We hope to see you there! If you cannot attend after school sessions then you may send money into School with your child to make a purchase if you wish.  Thank you for your support!
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Board of Governors

CHAIRPERSON:   Rev Barry Paine 

Ballinderry Rectory

10 Brookmount Road



SECRETARY:    Mrs K White

Woods Primary School
38 Oaklea Road
BT45 6HX       

028 79418415

028 79418905



Mr Ian Henry 2018
Mr A Booth 2018
Rev Barry Paine  2018  
Rev Ruth Murray  2018
Mrs Jan Young 2018
Mrs Diane Nicholl 2018
Mr Alastair Stewart   2018
Mrs Deborah Campbell    2018
Mrs Jennie Duncan 2018 
Mrs K White  

NB    Each Governor’s name is followed by the date on which his/her term of office expires.


The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school. 

Some of their duties include:

  1. The oversight of the curriculum.
  2. The control of the budget.
  3. The provision of information to parents.
  4. The selection of staff (to be ratified by The E.A.)
  5. The maintenance of the premises (shared responsibility with E.A.)
  6. The Admissions Policy
  7. Fostering links with the local community and pursuing the objectives of Mutual Understanding.

The Board of Governors are required to meet a minimum of three times each year, but in practice meet more often than this.  At these meetings they consider matters related to most areas of school life.  The Governors consider policy matters, management issues, School Development Plan, new appointments, Health & Safety, Finance and the Assessment.  In addition, many of the Governors attend training sessions run by the Education Authority.